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About Us


Wine Marshalls was started by wine enthusiasts David Marshall and Hugh Livingston in 2011. The aim was to provide as many people as possible with:

  • Great value local and imported wine
  • Wine personally tasted and verified by us as being of great value and quality
  • Easy selection, order and delivery processes that gets the wine to your door with the minimum of fuss
  • Guaranteed satisfaction – backed by a return and credit policy

A Hobby Becomes a Business

We started out decades ago, sampling, sourcing and recommending delicious wines for friends and family. Through our passion for wine plus the love of a bargain we had a lot of fun and a lot of happy friends! Over the years people suggested we use all the knowledge and contacts we had built up to offer the same bargains and drinking pleasure  to people outside our social circle. Thus Wine Marshalls!

Over the years we have located and purchased a great deal of delicious and great value wine. The wine has been sourced from wineries, importers etc. at a fraction of the price people would normally pay when buying off the shelves of retailers or even from on-line discounters. With Wine Marshalls you now have the opportunity to share these bargains with us!

But Our Business Is Still a Labour of Love

We are excited about creating Wine Marshalls, and we get great pleasure out of discussing and recommending wines to people who are not sure what they want or who are confused with the huge numbers of wines available to choose from. We would love to hear from you!

Please enjoy browsing and selecting from our range of fine, top value wines and share with us the great experience of drinking better for less!

Hugh and David