A Rascal worth having a look at!


For centuries the beautiful Piedmont area of Italy has grown a grape so hard to get right that it is known locally as Arneis, or “little rascal”. After almost totally disappearing, this wine is now undergoing a resurgence in popularity in both Italy (described recently as “the most fashionable white in Italy”) and in America, where a well-known wine critic called it  “a sublime and sophisticated alternative to the simpler, less complex Pinot Grigio's.” Perhaps this rascal is worth trying!  

A number of vineyards in Australia grow it, and one the first and best was Dromana Estate on the equally beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.  Unfortunately they collapsed last year, and out of the wreckage we were able to get a small parcel of their 2010 Arneis – from a top year, this is well worth trying, particularly when at only $13 a bottle it is so far under last years RRP of $22.

We are also able to release fresh supplies of another lovely riesling from the outstanding 2012 vintage in the Eden Valley, the organically grown Temple Bruer. Finally we re-release the Dame Nellie Melba of wines, the 2012 Higginbotham “Kari Bay” 2012 shiraz – we have now run out of it twice, with the supplier telling us each time it has all gone. Maybe it is simply third time lucky as last week we were offered yet another pallet of it. Perhaps just a slow boat back from Europe! Anyway we have this soft, easy drinking shiraz available again at only $10 a bottle. 


Dromana Estate 2010 Mornington Peninsula  " i " Arneis

The now extinct Dromana Estate produced this delicious and sophisticated, very Italian, gem. With lovely fresh aromas of ripe fruit, particularly pear, it is quite full in the mouth, with nice citrus freshness balancing the ripe pear and fleshy, supple grape flavours. With a long, clean finish, this is a distinctly European white, and represents excellent drinking on the last of our warmer days. At only $13 a bottle it is also outstanding value.  
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Temple Bruer "Knights Templar" 2012 Eden Valley Riesling
35% off RRP of $19.95

We have just got a little more of this excellent riesling that was made by David Bruer (who claims a link back to the Knights Templar some 900 years ago). It ticks all the boxes, being from a great vintage year in a prime region for this variety. Fresh and clean with lovely pure fruit acid highlighted by citrus flavours and with a nice dry finish, this is great drinking. 

Hickinbotham "Kari Bay" Adelaide Hills (SA) 2012 Shiraz
44% off RRP of $18
We have managed to get a 3rd load of this young and easy drinking red that was destined for England - from perhaps the greatest vintage year in a generation, this supple, smooth lighter style of wine from a cancelled export order is outstanding value at only $10 a bottle. From the famous Hickinbotham family, this well-made wine is young, so try and give it time to breath a bit after you open it. 

After an Assorted Selection of Wine?

A lot of people prefer to drink a range of wines but often find it difficult to make a selection from the numerous labels in the bottle shops or on-line. If this is you why not try a range of different wines, such as our premium mixed white cases at only $120 a case. If you like, we can tailor the contents to your own preferences (for example, mainly shiraz, no merlot, young and fruity etc etc) and all of the wines we sell have been tested by us for both quality and value.

If you would like to order any of these wines simply log onto our website where you can also see and select from our full range. If you would prefer, simply “reply” to this email or ring us on 0416 178 547 and tell us what you are looking for and we will do the rest, including invoicing you later.

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