The Poms get it cheap, while the Yanks are Reverse Price Sensitive?? 

It really is an interesting space, this wine game! A recent study stated that in the Australian market 77 per cent of wine sales are through two outlets (Coles and Woolworth’s and their various subsidiaries), and that “Australians generally pay more for Australian wine than British consumers do”. Says quite a lot about so-called competition, but it is a great result when the Brits cancel their orders and we can then offer bargains back in Oz outside of the big grocery chains! One of these is todays Bargain of the Week being an $8 shiraz from the former Rothbury Estate in the Hunter that was bottled for Aldi Supermarkets in Ireland.  

At the same time, however, this study noted that Americans can be “reverse price sensitive”, i.e. it seems that in the U.S. there is suspicion of wines that are seen to be too cheap. This seems to be one of the reasons why so much Penfolds wines are now being shipped home from North America – thus our Penfolds release of a few weeks ago (sadly sold out) plus the Rosemount magnums which we still have available at a pretty remarkable $22 a bottle.  These were designed and labelled for the American market and are great drinking – they certainly make a statement when placed on the dinner table! It is a similar story with the Hickinbotham 2012 Finniss River shiraz, sent back from the USA and now for sale here at a bargain $10 a bottle.

Another interesting comment came from the former boss of Virgin Wines, which in England was a fairly spectacular failure. When asked what lessons he had learned, he replied that “no one gives a damn about brands in the wine business. What people are looking for is off-the-beaten-track, undiscovered wines.”  This possibly explains why the unheralded Monowai is one of our best sellers – off the beaten track, family run, and making delicious, affordable wines. Earlier this week we released their 2013 Sauvignon Blanc and at $13 a bottle it really is worth trying as is their 2013 Pinot Gris at only $12 a bottle.
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Hope Estate "Bushland" 2008 Hunter Valley Shiraz

Only $8 a bottle

Grown by the former Rothbury Estate in the Hunter, this soft and easy drinking wine was destined for the UK supermarkets. With an aroma of soft red fruit it shows just a hint of spice and the famous Hunter “earth”. Lighter bodied and quite soft, this is a smooth, uncomplicated red at a very affordable price of only $96 a case.

Hickinbotham "Finniss River" Fleurieu Peninsula 2012 Shiraz

Buy it now for $12 each

Grown by the famous Hickinbotham wine family, and with an edgy label designed for the American market, this is a delicious young but already smooth South Australian shiraz. Lighter bodied and well balanced with a nice touch of dryness to finish, this is affordable, easy drinking and a bargain at only $12, thanks to another cancelled export order. It is young so try and give it time to breathe a bit after you open it.

Monowai Hawkes Bay (NZ) 2013 Pinot Gris

Buy it now for $12 a bottle

This is the new vintage of this very popular wine from a superb vintage for this region. This lovely, smooth young wine is quite light, with excellent sweet fruit, nice balance and a gentle, fresh finish. Wonderful summer drinking.

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